Today I Don’t Want To Write

Today I didn’t want to write.

Today I had a hard day.

Today I got some pretty upsetting news.

But I did write.

I wrote an entire post, that I later deleted. It didn’t need to be published.

I wrote about my frustrations and about how sad I was.

Instead of laying on my couch crying until morning, I wrote.

It is such a relieving feeling to get everything off your chest and get it out somewhere.

It was still terrible news and I am still really upset. I do feel a little better now that it has been released.

Write even when you don’t feel like it.


8 thoughts on “Today I Don’t Want To Write

  1. I have so many write-it-out-but-don’t-press-post moments. You are right–it is helpful to write even when we don’t feel like it.


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